5 Books like Gothikana

Finding books like Gothikana is a bit of a challenge because, let’s face it, it’s in a league of its own. But after many discussions with Booktokers and some deep dives into the literary world, I’ve managed to find some books that capture a bit of the Gothikana magic.

Why Gothikana is Unique?

I’ve always been drawn to the dark academia aesthetic and gothic romance, which Gothikana blends so well. The story follows Corvina, who receives an unexpected admission letter from the mysterious University of Verenmore. This is where she meets Vad Deverell, her professor, and as they say, the rest is a whirlwind of mystery, romance, and dark academia aesthetics.

The eerie ambiance of Verenmore University, the growing affection between Corvina and Vad, alongside a mystery that dates back centuries, make Gothikana a standout read. The thrilling student-professor relationship adds an extra layer of excitement to the story.

Common Themes in Gothikana

🖤 Gothic Romance: With its spooky and romantic atmosphere, “Gothikana” will have you flipping through the pages like you’re searching for hidden treasure.

🖤 Dark Academia: The scholarly backdrop of Verenmore University gives the story a rich, academic feel.

🖤 Student/Professor Relationship: Corvina and Vad’s forbidden romance has us on the edge of our seats, rooting for love against all odds.

🖤 Mystery, Suspense, Murder: From an ancient mystery to edge-of-your-seat suspense and danger, this story keeps you engaged like a Sherlock Holmes investigation.

As a fan of Gothikana, diving into other books with a similar vibe has been a journey. Though these books might not replace Gothikana in our hearts, they surely provide a dose of dark academia and gothic romance we all crave. Stay tuned as we explore ten books that manage to capture a bit of the essence that makes Gothikana so special.

How I Chose These Books:

Selecting books that mirror the enigmatic aura and thematic richness of Gothikana was no small feat. However, after immersing myself in numerous narratives and engaging with fellow dark academia enthusiasts, I devised a rubric to navigate this literary quest. Each book on this list was evaluated based on the following criteria:

Resemblance Rubric to Gothikana:

  1. Gothic Romance:
    • Does the book have a haunting yet romantic atmosphere akin to Gothikana?
    • Are the romantic entanglements woven with a thread of mystery and the eerie?
  2. Dark Academia Aesthetic:
    • Is the setting entrenched in an academic environment with a dark, mysterious vibe?
    • Does it explore the quest for knowledge amidst an atmosphere of dread and intrigue?
  3. Student/Professor Dynamic:
    • Is there a forbidden or taboo relationship that challenges the characters?
    • Does this relationship add depth and tension to the narrative?
  4. Mystery and Suspense:
    • Is there an underlying mystery or a sinister secret awaiting discovery?
    • Does the suspense keep you on the edge of your seat, eager for what comes next?
  5. Intriguing Characters:
    • Are the characters well-rounded with secrets, desires, and fears that drive the narrative?
    • Do their interactions and growth captivate the reader’s interest?

Each book was scored based on these criteria, with a higher resemblance score indicating a closer thematic alignment to Gothikana. While no book could fully replicate the magic of Gothikana, the ones listed here echo its dark, romantic, and mysterious ambiance, offering a chance to delve into similar, eerie academic worlds.

So, with our rubric in hand and a literary appetite akin to a midnight snack craving, let’s unravel the books that made the cut. Ready to traverse through eerie hallways and forbidden romances once again? Let’s jump in!

1. Haunting Adeline by by H. D. Carlton

“Haunting Adeline” is an enticing narrative filled with eerie mysteries and a romantic allure that’s hard to ignore. Author H. D. Carlton transports us to a quaint town where Adeline, our protagonist, moves into a seemingly haunted house. As she delves deeper into the mysteries that envelop her new home, she encounters the enigmatic and haunting presence of a man who lived a century ago. The blend of romance with the supernatural keeps the pages turning as Adeline tries to unravel the truth, while also grappling with her growing affection for a man bound to the shadows of the past.

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Themes Resonating with Gothikana:

  • Gothic Romance: Haunting atmosphere, supernatural romance.
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic: Quest for historical truth.
  • Student/Professor Dynamic: Not present, but shares forbidden romance element.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Unraveling eerie mysteries.
  • Intriguing Characters: Curious protagonist, enigmatic love interest.

2. The Coven by Harper L. Woods (2023)

The Coven

Harper L. Woods

In “The Coven”, Harper L. Woods takes us on a thrilling ride through dark secrets and forbidden love at Hollow’s Grove University. When Willow, raised to be a weapon against the Coven that claimed her family’s birthright, is discovered and forced to attend the prestigious school, she crosses paths with the infuriating yet alluring Headmaster Alaric Grayson Thorne. Their fiery banter and the dark mysteries unraveling at the school keep the pages turning. As bodies begin to pile up, the tension between Willow and Alaric reaches a boiling point, adding a spicy layer to the dark, suspenseful atmosphere that surrounds the Coven’s bloody history.

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Themes Resonating with Gothikana:

  • Gothic Romance: Forbidden love, headmaster x student tension.
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic: Hollow’s Grove University, mystical academia.
  • Student/Professor Dynamic: Forbidden relationship, tension-filled banter.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Dark secrets, unfolding mysteries, life-threatening stakes.
  • Intriguing Characters: Strong-willed female lead, morally ambiguous male lead.

3. Blood Orange by Karina Halle (2022)

blood orange karina halle

“Blood Orange” is a spicy, dark vampire romance sprinkled with a dangerous mission and forbidden love. Dahlia Abernathy, a witch trained to exterminate vampires, goes undercover at a prestigious music academy in Venice, tasked with assassinating her professor, Valtu Aminoff, the vampire who inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula. However, as Dahlia gets closer to her target, the lines between duty and desire blur, making her mission far from straightforward. This modern-day Dracula retelling is a dark, thrilling narrative that explores destiny, trust, and the timeless dance of love and hate between its protagonists.

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Themes Resonating with Gothikana:

  • Gothic Romance: Forbidden love, vampire allure, dark yet romantic atmosphere.
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic: Prestigious academy, professor/student dynamic.
  • Student/Professor Dynamic: Forbidden and dangerous romantic tension.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Dark mission, uncertain allegiances, historical references.
  • Intriguing Characters: Driven female lead, enigmatic and dangerous male lead.

4. Master of Salt & Bones by Keri Lake (2020)

“Master of Salt & Bones” is a darkly romantic tale that spins the thread of gothic fantasy with a modern touch. Our heroine, Isadora Quinn, dreams of a knight saving her from her tormented past but instead, finds Lucian Blackthorne, a scarred man living in a castle of bones. The lonely shores and the castle filled with whispers of the past set a haunting backdrop for a love story that’s laced with forbidden desires and dark secrets.

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Themes Resonating with Gothikana:

  • Gothic Romance: The ominous ambiance, the dangerous allure between Lucian and Isadora, and the gothic mansion all scream gothic romance.
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic: The dark, haunting atmosphere and the intellectual yet tormented persona of Lucian resonate well with dark academia vibes.
  • Student/Professor Dynamic: While not a direct student/professor relationship, the dynamics between Isadora and Lucian, her being under his employ, echo a forbidden, hierarchical romance.
  • Mystery and Suspense: The secrets shrouding Lucian’s past and the eerie occurrences in the mansion keep the element of mystery and suspense alive.
  • Intriguing Characters: Both Lucian and Isadora are complex, deeply flawed individuals whose dark pasts add layers to their characters.

5. Hollow Heathens by Nicole Fiorina (2020)

In “Bone Island”, Nicole Fiorina transports us to a mysterious, eerie town off Maine’s coast where a tale of forbidden love unfurls against a backdrop of chilling winter winds. Our tormented hero, Stone, encased in a metaphorical glass coffin of despair, finds his world colliding with Adora, a fierce soul craving escape yet tethered to the sinister secrets of the town. As they navigate the twisted pathways of Weeping Hollow, their forbidden love blossoms amidst the shadows, painting a gothic romance that’s both haunting and tender. With each stolen kiss and whispered promise, they dance on the precipice of hope and dread. As the snow blankets the macabre town, their love story becomes a beacon of warmth against the cold reality of unyielding curses and the relentless grasp of the past.

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Themes Resonating with Gothikana:

  • Gothic Romance: Haunting love, ancient curses.
  • Dark Academia Aesthetic: Mystical aura, ancient lore exploration.
  • Student/Professor Dynamic: Not present, but embodies forbidden love theme.
  • Mystery and Suspense: Unraveling age-old curses, uncovering town’s dark past.
  • Intriguing Characters: Fallon’s search for belonging, Julian’s cursed existence.

The Encore

If you’re a sucker for the eerie charm and tangled relationships in “Gothikana,” the books on this list are your next must-reads. Sure, they may not dethrone our beloved “Gothikana,” but they’ll offer the dark academia fix and gothic romance chills you’re craving. So grab your most haunting bookmark, light a candle or two, and prepare for more late-night reads that will transport you to shadowy halls and romantic liaisons that defy the rules. Are you ready to turn the page to your next obsession?


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