Dark Academia Stationery Gift Ideas

Dark academia has quickly become a favorite style for many, and it’s easy to see why. It offers a mix of classic and vintage elements that scream sophistication and depth. For fans of this aesthetic, stationery is more than just functional; it’s an extension of their love for this unique style. And when it comes to gifts, there’s nothing better than something that aligns with one’s passions.

If you’re looking to gift someone with dark academia stationery, here’s what to consider: Leather journals, fountain pens, and wax sealing kits are top choices. Vintage-inspired bookmarks, quill pens, and ornate paperweights also fit the theme well. These items are not only practical but also align with the dark academia style. Let’s dive into some top gift recommendations.

Journals and Notebooks

Journaling has been a huge part of my life, providing both emotional relief and a sense of personal exploration. It’s not just for introspection; a great journal also keeps track of goals, plans, and those brilliant book quotes you never want to forget. So let’s get into it: I’ve got some top picks for dark academia journals that you’ll absolutely love.

Paperblanks Journals

I’ve always appreciated the Paperblanks journals for their classic and unique designs. Rooted in history, they truly resonate with the Dark Academia aesthetic. Their durability and detail make them a staple in my collection, effortlessly adding a touch of elegance to my writing routine.

from $27,95

Paperblanks Journals
Leather Retro Vintage Diary Journal Notebook dark academia

Leather Retro Vintage Diary Journal Notebook

208-sheet Leather Retro Vintage Diary with blank pages. Made from faux leather, measures 17.5×13.5cm. Available in Bronze and Black Gold colors.

from $9.95

Celestial Journal with golden foil

160-page Celestial Journal by Henry T. Wood, featuring intricate embossed and gold-foil details. Includes an expandable back cover pocket and matching elastic closure. Measures 5” wide x 7” high.

from $8,99

Celestial Journal with golden foil
Vintage Mahogany & Gold Embossed Universitaire Journal

Vintage Mahogany & Gold Embossed Universitaire Journal

A rich mahogany-hued journal featuring intricate gold embossed detailing on the cover, with ornate designs centered around a distinguished emblem.

from $9.09

Writing Instruments

Dive back into history with writing instruments that echo a time when every word penned was a work of art. It’s fascinating how certain tools can remind us of the meticulous care and intention our predecessors put into their writing.

Quill and Ink Set dark academia recs

Quill and Ink Set

Can you imagine the countless literary masterpieces that began with a quill dipped in ink? By using a quill, not only do we connect with writers of the past, but we also allow ourselves to experience the raw authenticity of crafting words. 

from $18.62

Vintage Fountain Pens

There’s something deeply mesmerizing about fountain pens. Every time I use one, I feel the weight of its history, the stories it could tell. The Dryden Designs fountain pen stands out as a beacon of quality and elegance. The very moment I started writing with one, I could tell why they’re a favorite in the dark academia stationery community. The writing is so smooth and it feels just right.

from $24,99

Vintage Fountain Pens

Desk Accessories

Our workspace tells a story, doesn’t it? By choosing dark academia-themed desk accessories, we transport ourselves to old-world study rooms, filled with mystery and knowledge.

The Bankers Desk Lamp dark academia

The Bankers Desk Lamp

The Bankers Desk Lamp is a dark academia staple. Its iconic green shade isn’t just about aesthetics; it protects against eye strain during late-night reads or study sessions. This timeless piece brings both elegance and functionality to any workspace, making it a must-have for those in the DA community.

from $67.99

Vintage Letter Opener

In this era of instant messaging and emails, there’s a unique joy in receiving a hand-written note. I remember the excitement of tearing open an envelope, curious about its contents. Using a vintage letter opener not only adds a touch of elegance to this ritual but takes me back to those moments of anticipation.

from $9,99

Vintage Letter Opener dark academia
Wax Seal Stamp Kit dark academia

Wax Seal Stamp Kit

Wax seals are an essential tool for the Dark Academia aesthetic. They elevate the act of sending letters, making each note feel more special and personal. Adding a wax seal stamp kit to your desk not only enhances its Dark Academia vibe but also revives the tradition of sealing documents with a personal touch

from $9.99

Card Catalog Box with Notecards

The secret weapon for every bibliophile’s desk. Including 30 note cards that showcase individually a classic from the storied collection of the Library of Congress. Their vintage design can seamlessly bring a touch of literary elegance to your writing space. Perfect for anyone who appreciates the nostalgia of the written word.

from $18,51

Card Catalog Box with Notecards dark academia

Pencil Cases and Holders

Remember the thrill of starting a new school year with a brand-new pencil case? That excitement might have faded over the years, but I’ve found a way to reignite it in my home office. Incorporating pencil cases and holders inspired by Dark Academia adds a certain sophisticated charm to my workspace. With the right design, these functional items can transport you to a world of classic literature and scholarly pursuits, making every note-taking or brainstorming session feel like a scene from a timeless novel.

Book-shaped Pencil Case

Book-shaped Pencil Case

Merging the world of books with stationery, this pencil case is an ode to every bookworm’s dream. It’s not merely a storage space, but a testament to our love for literature.

from $17.99

Bust Statue Pen Holder

An elegant fusion of art and function. This holder isn’t just for your pens—it’s a nod to the greats of the past, adding a touch of Dark Academia charm to any workspace. A daily reminder of the timeless connection between art and learning.

from $20,99

Bust Statue Pen Holder dark academia

Washi Tapes

The unsung hero of personalizing just about anything. I find myself using these decorative tapes to mark pages in books I’m reviewing, or to jazz up the edges of my journal pages. Their vintage-inspired patterns can instantly inject a bit of dark academia essence into anything they touch.

18 rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set

18 rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set

from $9,99

37 Rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set dark academia

37 Rolls Vintage Washi Tape Set

from $11,99

Dark Academia - Inspired Stickers

Stickers, for me, are tiny pieces of art. They’re not just for school projects; they can breathe new life into journals, laptops, and even furniture. Opt for vintage-themed or literature-inspired stickers to keep that dark academia vibe going.

Note: The stickers sold on Aliexpress are A LOT cheaper than the ones you would find on Etsy or Amazon.

dark academia sticker collection

100 Pcs Vintage Stickers

from $9,99

dark academia sticker collection

52 pieces of vintage stickers

from $0,74

dark academia sticker collection

100 Pcs Vintage Stickers

from $0,79

dark academia sticker collection stationery

46 pcs Post Card Stickers 

from $1,24


I can’t overstate the importance of a good bookmark. They’re essential for someone like me who often finds herself diving deep into multiple books at once. And in the world of dark academia, bookmarks aren’t just practical; they’re a statement. Here are a couple that I think you’ll love.

Glow in The Dark Book Mark Luminous Bookmarks

Glow in The Dark Book Mark Luminous Bookmarks

A beautiful metal set of 3 bookmarks that surprisingly glow in the dark according to manufacturer. 

from $8.99

Set with Paper Vintage Bookmarks

For those who prefer something more “casual”, here’s a set of bookmarks that come in many styles and can look good in your home office. 

from $2,30

Set with Paper Vintage Bookmarks dark academia aesthetic

Scrapbook Paper

When it comes to personalizing journals or adding a unique touch to notes, scrapbook paper is my go-to. It’s not just about patterns and designs; the right paper can set the tone for an entire project. Here’s a glance at some dark academia-inspired scrapbook paper that can elevate any craft or journaling venture.

scrapbook material dark academia

30 Pcs Scrapbooking Material 

from $0,49

scrapbook material dark academia

125 Pcs Scrapbooking paper

from $5,50

scrapbook material dark academia big set

222 pieces of scrapbook set

from $7,00

Wrapping Up Dark Academia Stationery Finds

So, fellow literary buffs, have we added a few items to our wish lists? From the timeless charm of leather journals to the allure of fountain pens, dark academia stationery gifts are the perfect blend of form and function. Remember, when choosing these items, think vintage, think classic, and you can’t go wrong! Are you ready to pen down your thoughts with a touch of old-world charm? Which stationery piece caught your eye? Let us know in the comments!

If you have found this useful, you may find interesting my blog post on “Dark Academia Bedroom Ideas & Inspiration“. 


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