Is Spreepicky Legit? Read before you buy…

When I was 12, I saved up $100 and spent it all on two hoodies from Spreepicky. I thought I had something unique until my friend showed up with the exact same hoodie. She got it for $15.

Mine? $45.

The realization stung. The quality? It was clear they were cut from the same cloth, likely in the same factory. No frills, just facts.

Now, it’s 2023, and people still shop at Spreepicky. Quite the shocker. I’m writing this blog post to share what I’ve learned about them and, hopefully, prevent someone else from overpaying. I’ll also reveal where you can get those exact Spreepicky items… but for way less.

Spreepicky’s Early Days

Back in the day, Tumblr was my daily dose of everything cool and hip. Hipster girls ruled the platform, and I, like many, tried to stay on trend. Then, Storenvy popped up in my feed. It was supposed to be this cool space for artists and crafters. But what did it turn into? A maze of dropshippers.

And smack in the center? Spreepicky. They seemed to be everywhere, always a step ahead. I watched them go from this small Storenvy shop to growing this huge following, back when Facebook was still the “in” thing. And before I knew it, they had their own website. I couldn’t help but keep tabs. They started with just one or two people and then? Bam, a whole team.

How does Spreepicky operate?

Okay, here’s the real tea. Have you come across Taobao? Think Amazon but in China, only supersized with factories often selling directly.

Spreepicky’s play? They’d flaunt products on their portal. The instant you clicked ‘order’, they’d pivot to Taobao, snatch the item, rebrand it, and voila – dispatched to you.

But that’s just the half of it. They schmoozed with every teen influencer on Instagram, dishing out sponsorships like candy. And just like that, their reach exploded, spreading faster than wildfire.

The Dropship Rabbit Hole

If you’re thinking this is some underground tactic that only a handful of businesses employ, buckle up, because the reality is a lot more common than you’d believe. Dropshipping, in all its glory, has been the backbone of countless brands, especially in the age of e-commerce. It’s a low-investment, high-reward game. Stock inventory? Who needs it when you can just be the middleman, mark up the prices, and cash in on the difference?

Take Etsy as an example. What began as a dedicated marketplace for crafts has evolved into a haven for drop shippers. Believe it or not, around 70% of products there are dropshipped straight to you. These sellers target niche markets like Dark Academia, Kawaii, and more – offering unique items you wouldn’t typically find in conventional shops.

But it’s not just the dropshipping model that’s intriguing. It’s how it’s portrayed. Through collaborations with influencers, brands like Spreepicky aren’t merely pushing products. They’re selling a dream, a lifestyle, an invitation to the ‘cool kids’ table. And in today’s social media-centric world, who wouldn’t want that?

The same goes for Etsy. You might think you’re getting a one-of-a-kind item, only to discover you’ve actually purchased dropshipped merchandise from China.

So is Spreepicky safe?

To answer simply, YES. They are safe and they are LEGIT.

If you choose to go with them, you will most likely receive your product, no doubt.

If you choose to go with them, you will most likely receive your product, no doubt.

But expect the whole dropshipping “shenanigans”. You’ll place an order, wait a solid week for order processing, and then receive your product after an undefined period.

Which is fine if you don’t mind waiting and paying 2 to 3 times as much.

However, If you check out their Trustpilot page, you might find some reviews that can give you a clearer picture of the real situation.

Unmasking the Pricing Game: An Honest Review

So, as I explained, Spreepicky is legit…. But does it really worth it to buy from them?

As I write this, I head to their website and spot the first product categorized under Dark Academia.

Next, I search for this image on Google, appending “Aliexpress” at the end.

Here’s what I find: (link for the product here)

Twice as expensive… Right…

Okay, let’s try another product:

$69.99 – Okay, that’s steep…

Let’s google reverse-image it. (Aliexpress product)

$21.18 – Well quite a difference right?

Let’s be real… Does it really make sense to pay 2-3 times as much as the actual price? We are talking polyester kind of quality, it lasts one year and the next you throw it out.

Read my Guide – Shopping from Aliexpress and avoiding scams

The Ethical Debate of Dropshipping

Let me take you back. Remember that hoodie story I shared earlier? It’s not just about getting duped out of some cash. It’s about transparency, or the glaring lack thereof. Brands like Spreepicky sell products as their “own”, put labels in the packaging only to find out that the process that takes place behind the scenes…

But here’s the kicker. It’s not all black and white! Dropshipping isn’t inherently bad. Nope! It’s how it’s executed that can sometimes rub folks the wrong way. Think about it. If I order a pizza and it arrives cold, is the concept of pizza delivery flawed? Or did someone just drop the ball on my margherita?

There are plenty of dropshipping websites that do the heavily lifting for you by either offering faster shipping, ensuring that the quality is top-notch and that they are sourcing from ethical factories, or give another USP, other than market their products as their own.

Now, about influencers… How many times have you seen your favorite online personality raving about some product, only for you to discover it’s, well, not all that? Influencers, listen up! Be picky. Know what you’re promoting. Remember that trust is like a piece of paper; once crumpled, it can’t be perfect again.

And price hikes? Don’t get me started! I mean, everyone’s got to make a living, but there’s a thin line between making a profit and daylight robbery.

Final Thoughts – Should you buy from Spreepicky?

At the end of the day, it’s all about choices and informed decisions: If you’re in love with a unique piece from Spreepicky and you can’t find it anywhere else, sure, go for it. Live a little! But know what you’re signing up for. Expect a bit of a wait, a price bump, and that classic dropshipping drama (imagine me doing jazz hands here).

Now, if you’re savvy and have a bit of a detective streak in you (Sherlock, is that you?), you might want to go the extra mile. Find the same product on platforms like Aliexpress. Save some bucks, treat yourself to an extra coffee, or hey, another hoodie!

But more than the money, it’s the principle of the thing. Transparency. Honesty. And ensuring that you’re not just buying into the hype. It’s about making sure your hard-earned money is spent wisely and ethically. Happy shopping! 😉🛍️

Affiliate Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you click and make a purchase, I might earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you, promise!). It’s just a little something that helps keep the lights on and the creativity flowing. Thanks for being awesome and supporting my passion! 💕


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