20 Dark Academia Color Palettes with Names and Hex Codes

In the world of aesthetics, Dark Academia stands out for its vintage charm and intellectual depth. Its palette, rich in deep, muted tones, reflects the ambiance of scholarly pursuits and literary exploration. From old libraries to aged parchment, Dark Academia hues inspire creativity and sophistication.

In this post, we’ll explore 20 carefully curated Dark Academia color palettes. Each palette tells its own story, capturing the essence of intellectualism and refined taste. It’s a continuation of a previous blog post, where I shared some Dark Academia Bedroom Ideas and shared my insights on dark academia color schemes.

1. Burgundy & Earth Tones Palette

burgundy dark academia color palette

Burgundy + Taupe Brown + Rustic Orange + Espresso Brown + Mahogany Brown

Hex Codes: #8C1127, #A68E80, #A65437 #592418, #26130F

Explore the depths of dark academia with this autumn-inspired palette: Deep burgundy (#8C1127) exudes sophistication, while taupe brown (#A68E80) offers earthy comfort. Rustic orange (#A65437) adds vitality, like a crackling fire, and espresso brown (#592418) brings strength. Mahogany brown (#26130F) adds timeless richness. Together, they blend for grounded elegance and natural allure.

2. Forest Harvest Color Palette

forest dark academia color palette

Moss Green + Amber + Pumpkin Spice + Rich Mocha + Midnight Black

Hex Codes: #385248, #F29849, #F27C38, #732D14, #0D0D0D

Immerse yourself in the essence of the forest with this rich and vibrant palette. Moss green (#385248) brings to mind the lush foliage of woodland canopies, while amber (#F29849) radiates the warm glow of sun-kissed leaves. Like the hues of autumn, pumpkin spice (#F27C38) adds a fiery accent, complemented by the deep richness of mocha (#732D14). As night falls, midnight black (#0D0D0D) envelops the scene, lending an air of mystery and depth. Together, these colors capture the essence of a bountiful forest harvest, inviting you to explore the depths of dark academia.

3. Rustic Autumn Color Palette

rustic earthy color palette dark academia

Olive Green + Goldenrod + Cinnamon + Chestnut + Deep Espresso

Hex Codes: #385928, #F2C063, #BF7C41, #8C512E, #26120B

Step into the enchanting embrace of autumn with this sophisticated palette. Olive green (#385928) whispers of the forest’s secrets, while goldenrod (#F2C063) bathes the scene in a warm, luminous glow. Like the spice-scented breeze of fall, cinnamon (#BF7C41) adds a touch of cozy elegance, accompanied by the rich hues of chestnut (#8C512E). Finally, deep espresso (#26120B) adds depth and intrigue, inviting you to savor the timeless allure of dark academia. Together, these colors paint a portrait of autumn’s refined beauty, beckoning you to explore its depths with every brushstroke.

4. Rustic Charm Color Palette

dark academia inspired color palette rustic charm

Mocha Brown + Warm Taupe + Burnt Sienna + Rustic Copper + Deep Mahogany

Hex Codes: #261C0F, #A6886D, #BF7245, #A6360D, #731B07

Indulge in the rustic charm of this evocative palette. Mocha brown (#261C0F) brings to mind the comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee, while warm taupe (#A6886D) exudes a sense of cozy elegance. Burnt sienna (#BF7245) adds a touch of warmth and vitality, reminiscent of autumn leaves ablaze with color, while rustic copper (#A6360D) infuses the palette with a hint of rustic charm. Finally, deep mahogany (#731B07) lends a sense of timeless richness and sophistication, inviting you to embrace the warmth and allure of dark academia.

5. Rainy Day Coziness Color Palette

 Rainy Day Coziness Dark Academia Color Palette

Apricot + Terracotta + Coral + Burnt Umber + Deep Maroon

Hex Codes: #F2B872, #A65C32, #F28B50, #73351F, #400D0D

Capture the warm hues of a candle lit rainy day’s warm hues with this vibrant palette. Apricot (#F2B872) bathes the scene in a soft, golden glow, while terracotta (#A65C32) adds a touch of earthy warmth. Coral (#F28B50) infuses the palette with a lively energy, reminiscent of the last rays of daylight. Burnt umber (#73351F) adds depth and richness, like the fading embers of a campfire, while deep maroon (#400D0D) adds a touch of drama and mystery. Together, these colors create a palette that evokes the tranquil beauty of twilight, inviting you to bask in its warm embrace.

6. Earthy Retreat Color Palette

earthy colors dark academia color palette with hex codes

Forest Green + Warm Amber + Earthy Beige + Rich Mocha + Deep Terracotta

Hex Codes: #142624, #A6783F, #8C7968, #592C1C, #8C4B45

Immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of an earthy retreat with this inviting palette. Forest green (#142624) captures the lush tranquility of a wooded landscape, while warm amber (#A6783F) adds a touch of golden warmth. Earthy beige (#8C7968) brings to mind the soft tones of natural stone and wood, creating a sense of grounded elegance. Rich mocha (#592C1C) infuses the palette with a comforting richness, reminiscent of freshly brewed coffee, while deep terracotta (#8C4B45) adds depth and warmth.

7. Cloaked in Shadow Palette

walk in wardrobe dark academia

Phantom Black + Antique Lace + Worn Leather + Burnished Copper + Deep Oxblood

Hex Codes: 202621, #D9B596, #734838, #A66F5B, #401B1B

Phantom Black (#202621) provides a deep, enigmatic backdrop, reminiscent of a night shrouded in secrecy. Antique Lace (#D9B596) offers a delicate contrast, soft like the pages of a well-loved novel. Worn Leather (#734838) evokes the rich patina of a scholar’s cherished armchair, while Burnished Copper (#A66F5B) glows with the wisdom of a timeless candlestick. Deep Oxblood (#401B1B) completes the palette, as rich and potent as ink on parchment, writing tales of bygone eras. Together, these colors craft a narrative of elegance cloaked in the comforting shadows of history and lore.

8. Timeless Elegance Palette

second hand shop dark academia inspired

Deep Midnight + Charcoal Grey + Misty Sky + Rich Espresso + Warm Sandstone

Hex Codes: #03060D, #2D4D59, #6593A6, #402718, #A69574

This dark academia inspired color palette captures the essence of dark academia with a blend of classic and refreshing tones. Deep Midnight (#03060D) sets a mysterious backdrop, reminiscent of the night sky over a quiet study. Charcoal Grey (#2D4D59) offers a stable, scholarly foundation, hinting at stone buildings and weathered statues. The soft Misty Sky (#6593A6) provides a gentle contrast, like the pages of an old book catching the light. Rich Espresso (#402718) evokes the aroma of antique wooden bookshelves, while Warm Sandstone (#A69574) brings a touch of warmth, suggesting the comfort of a well-worn leather armchair.

9. Antique Manor Color Palette

dark academia inspired study with books

Warm Sandstone + Aged Stone + Rustic Copper + Rich Cinnamon + Deep Espresso + Bold Crimson

Hex Codes: #BFBDB0, #A69485, #BF4F26, #BF4F26, #40261D, #73130A

Step into the timeless ambiance of an antique manor with this captivating palette. Warm sandstone (#BFBDB0) bathes the surroundings in a soft, inviting glow, while aged stone (#A69485) evokes the weathered elegance of ancient walls. Rustic copper (#BF4F26) adds a touch of warmth and character, reminiscent of flickering hearth fires. Rich cinnamon (#BF4F26) brings depth and richness to the palette, infusing the space with a sense of comfort and warmth. Deep espresso (#40261D) provides a grounding presence, while bold crimson (#73130A) adds a dramatic flourish, capturing the essence of grandeur and sophistication.

10. Rustic Hearth Color Palette

dark academia window inspired

Deep Crimson + Mossy Green + Weathered Stone + Midnight Black + Rich Amber

Hex Codes: #401C26, #525947, #828C72, #0D0D0A, #59230F

Enter the cozy embrace of a rustic hearth with this captivating palette. Deep crimson (#401C26) conjures images of crackling flames, casting a warm, inviting glow. Mossy green (#525947) brings to mind the verdant hues of the surrounding forest, adding a touch of natural tranquility. Weathered stone (#828C72) provides a sturdy foundation, echoing the timeless charm of aged architecture. Midnight black (#0D0D0A) offers a sense of depth and mystery, while rich amber (#59230F) infuses the space with a comforting warmth.

11. Tranquil Woodland Color Palette

train ride dark academia inspired

Deep Slate + Earthy Olive + Serene Mist + Warm Chestnut + Mossy Green

Hex Codes: #242625, #363D34, #9FB5AC, #B38B58, #8AA58D

Tap into the serenity of a tranquil woodland with this harmonious palette. Deep slate (#242625) sets a grounding tone, reminiscent of the forest floor beneath your feet. Earthy olive (#363D34) evokes the lush foliage that surrounds you, offering a sense of natural abundance. Serene mist (#9FB5AC) drifts through the air, imparting a feeling of peaceful tranquility. Warm chestnut (#B38B58) adds a touch of rustic charm, echoing the hues of weathered wood. Mossy green (#8AA58D) completes the palette, bringing to mind the verdant canopy overhead.

12. Rustic Vineyard Color Palette

rustic library dark academia inspired with velvet couch

Muted Maroon + Mossy Green + Rich Espresso + Earthy Terracotta + Creamy Peach

Hex Codes: #5C464B, #324C47, #331F15, #906642, #F0CBAD

Transport yourself to the rustic charm of a vineyard retreat with this captivating palette. Muted maroon (#5C464B) echoes the rich hues of ripened grapes, evoking a sense of warmth and elegance. Mossy green (#324C47) brings to mind the lush foliage that surrounds the vineyard, offering a refreshing touch of natural tranquility. Rich espresso (#331F15) provides a grounding presence, reminiscent of aged oak barrels and weathered wooden beams. Earthy terracotta (#906642) adds a touch of warmth and character, reflecting the sun-kissed earth of the vineyard rows. Creamy peach (#F0CBAD) completes the palette, infusing the space with a soft, inviting glow.

13. Misty Moor Color Palette

black slip dress hanged on wall, dark academia inspired

Slate Gray + Earthy Charcoal + Warm Taupe + Soft Beige + Rich Mocha

Hex Codes: #637371, #26261C, #8C7251, #D9B991, #593825

Step into the mysterious ambiance of a misty moor with this evocative palette. Slate gray (#637371) captures the ethereal hues of fog-veiled landscapes, shrouding the surroundings in a veil of subtle mystery. Earthy charcoal (#26261C) evokes the rugged terrain underfoot, grounding the palette with a sense of solidity and depth. Warm taupe (#8C7251) offers a comforting presence, reminiscent of weathered stones and ancient ruins. Soft beige (#D9B991) adds a touch of warmth and light, gently illuminating the mist-laden landscape. Rich mocha (#593825) completes the palette, infusing the space with a deep, velvety richness.

14. Cozy Hearth Color Palette

study corner, dark academia inspired

Rich Chocolate + Earthy Charcoal + Warm Taupe + Deep Mahogany + Midnight Black

Hex Codes: #2B1B16, #26261C, #7A6F5E, #4D2F32, #0D0D0D

Gather around the cozy hearth with this inviting palette that embodies warmth and comfort. Rich chocolate (#2B1B16) evokes the deep, comforting aroma of freshly brewed coffee and embraces you like a warm blanket. Earthy charcoal (#26261C) sets the backdrop, reminiscent of the charred embers glowing softly in the fireplace. Warm taupe (#7A6F5E) offers a sense of rustic charm, mirroring the weathered stones that frame the hearth. Deep mahogany (#4D2F32) adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, like the polished wood of antique furniture. Midnight black (#0D0D0D) completes the palette, enveloping the space in a sense of timeless mystery and quiet serenity.

15. Autumnal Sunset Color Palette

dark academia color palette inspiration books stacked

Rich Burgundy + Deep Teal + Earthy Olive + Midnight Black + Warm Copper

Hex Codes: #733C4A, #253D40, #627369, #0D0D0C, #A67041

Experience the captivating beauty of an autumnal sunset with this vibrant palette. Rich burgundy (#733C4A) mirrors the fiery hues of the setting sun, casting a warm glow over the landscape. Deep teal (#253D40) captures the serene depths of the twilight sky, adding a sense of tranquility and depth. Earthy olive (#627369) evokes the lush foliage of the surrounding forest, offering a refreshing contrast to the warm tones of the sunset. Midnight black (#0D0D0C) sets the stage, providing a backdrop for the vibrant colors to shine. Warm copper (#A67041) completes the palette, infusing the scene with a touch of metallic warmth and shimmer.

16. Silver Birch Color Palette

coziest bedroom overlooking windows fall

Pale Silver + Earthy Olive + Driftwood Gray + Rich Espresso + Midnight Black

Hex Codes: #D2D8D9, #73694C, #59514D, #261D1B, #0D0C0C

Step into a tranquil forest scene with this serene palette inspired by the majestic silver birch tree. Pale silver (#D2D8D9) captures the ethereal beauty of the tree’s distinctive bark, shimmering softly in the dappled light. Earthy olive (#73694C) echoes the muted tones of the surrounding foliage, offering a sense of grounding and connection to nature. Driftwood gray (#59514D) evokes the weathered texture of fallen branches scattered across the forest floor, adding depth and dimension to the palette. Rich espresso (#261D1B) brings a touch of warmth and richness, reminiscent of the fertile soil that nourishes the forest ecosystem. Midnight black (#0D0C0C) completes the scene, symbolizing the deep, mysterious depths of the forest at night.

17. Scholarly Library Color Palette

girl dressed in dark aademia attire in a library

Antique Parchment + Mahogany Oak + Burnished Copper + Rich Leather + Ebony Ink

Hex Codes: #A69886, #8C5637, #734C36, #59382C, #261714

Transport yourself to the hallowed halls of a scholarly library with this evocative palette inspired by the rich tones and textures of vintage books and aged wood. Antique parchment (#A69886) conjures images of ancient manuscripts and well-worn pages, imbuing the space with a sense of history and wisdom. Mahogany oak (#8C5637) adds warmth and sophistication, evoking the stately elegance of polished bookshelves and ornate reading tables. Burnished copper (#734C36) brings a touch of opulence, reminiscent of antique lanterns and decorative accents adorning the library’s shelves. Rich leather (#59382C) infuses the palette with its sumptuous texture and deep, earthy hue, evoking the comfort of well-loved armchairs and worn leather-bound tomes. Ebony ink (#261714) provides a striking contrast, symbolizing the endless possibilities and knowledge waiting to be discovered within the library’s vast collection.

18. Quiet Wisdom Color Palette

vintage bed with a silky dress laying on it and its color palette

Weathered Slate + Ivy League Green + Antique Oak + Aged Brass + Espresso Brown

Hex Codes: #AAB5BF, #618C88, #2F5952, #0D0B08, #594636

Step into a serene realm of quiet wisdom, where each hue whispers tales of ancient knowledge and timeless reflection. Subdued slate (#AAB5BF) forms the tranquil backdrop, reminiscent of weathered stone walls adorned with ivy, silently witnessing the passage of centuries. Verdant moss (#618C88) gently adds a touch of natural vibrancy. Antique oak (#2F5952) infuses the palette with a sense of timeless elegance, echoing the rich hues of aged wooden desks and bookshelves heavy with volumes of wisdom. Timeless bronze (#0D0B08) delicately accents the scene, its subtle warmth reminiscent of the soft glow of candlelight flickering over ancient tomes. Weathered mahogany (#594636) anchors the palette with its deep, comforting presence, conjuring images of well-loved leather armchairs and the sturdy embrace of worn wooden lecterns.

19. Rustic Scholar Color Palette

cozy vintage living room room with its palette

Deep Forest Green + Aged Parchment + Amber Glow + Burnished Copper + Rich Chestnut

Hex Codes: #1D402F, #9FA69C, #F2A03D, #D97C2B, #732A10

Experience the ambiance of a rustic scholar’s retreat with the Rustic Scholar Palette. Deep forest green (#1D402F) captures the essence of secluded woodland paths, while aged parchment (#9FA69C) evokes the soft, worn pages of treasured tomes. Amber glow (#F2A03D) infuses warmth akin to flickering candlelight, complemented by the luster of burnished copper (#D97C2B) accents. Rich chestnut (#732A10) adds a grounding touch, inviting you to delve into the timeless wisdom found within this evocative color palette.

Tranquil Waters Color Palette

vintage inspired bedroom

Soothing Mist + Midnight Navy + Ocean Depths + Warm Sandstone + Rich Mahogany

Hex Codes: #C7D2D9, #172623, #225945, #BF8C60, #733924

Dive into the serene ambiance of tranquil waters with this captivating palette. Soothing mist (#C7D2D9) reflects the calm surface of a still lake, while midnight navy (#172623) evokes the depth of the night sky mirrored in its depths. Ocean depths (#225945) capture the mysterious allure of hidden currents beneath the waves. Warm sandstone (#BF8C60) brings to mind the sun-drenched shores, inviting relaxation and warmth. Rich mahogany (#733924) adds depth and sophistication, grounding the palette with its timeless elegance.


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